Friday, July 21, 2006

im BACK!!!!!!!!

Wahhh grbe ang tagal ko din ndi nagbblog.. I was really busy lately.oh well that’s life. Kainis wla ako sa mood magblog pero ang dami ko gusto ikwento.bhala na..hehe.Dami ko ng beses mag attempt magblog pero ndi natutuloy puro umpisa lang.

Ive been hir na pla in hk for almost 8 months. Wow it seems like yesterday lang ako dumating pero ang tagal na pla nun.Time is really running too fast.For the past 7 months,Ive been really working very hard.hehe.. I still have my part time job in my previous company every weekends. Actually its very tiring but sayang eh coz I have nothing to do at home. Anyways, I miss all of my friends. Cna gaze,gen,mich and leen. I miss hanging out with them and our kwentuhans.. Nmmiss ko din cla bev. Hay there’s a lot of people and things that I truly miss. Like Glorietta,timezone,sm mla(hehe.minsan jan kme ni arman eh),hay too many too mention.The last time kc na umuwi ako jan I didn’t really have enuf tym eh.I tnk I need to go to the Philippines kht na for a week lang.But the problem is PAANO?I tnk I don’t have tym. Cguro sa December nlng.Hopefully I can celebrate Christmas there with my brothers, relatives,friends and of course my loved one.

My friends are planning to go to China for shopping at the end of this month. Sana tlga matuloy kame. Dami ko gusto bilhin eh. Anyways, the sale is ON hir in hk.Lahat ng shops sale.hehe.ang sarap tlga sobra.hay I miss shopping with gaze and gen. Kc kme magkkasama lagi pag shopping eh.
I went out pla with my friends last week. We were suppose to watch Superman pero grbe daming tao. Ndi kc kme nakpagpareserve eh. FYI.late ang showing d2 ng mga movies.i tnk late ng 1 week d2 compare to Philippines.I don’t know why pero I thnk kc they have to translate pa the movie into Chinese eh I mean they have to put Chinese subtitles.Ayun neways, we ended up playing billiards at joe bar.I went home early eh.Im tired na kc pero cla they stayed pa in Times Square until 12.Ndi nappagod ung mga yun eh.hehe

Here are some pics.

Grbe mga officemates ko are really busy doing their responsibilities .and me?blogging.hahaha.Ngyn lang naman eh.Wla kc ako msyado gngwa eh.Oh well until hir nalang.back to work na muna ko.hehehe.baboooosh!!!!!