Friday, January 23, 2009

Kung Hei Fat Choy! :)

Advance Happy New Year everyone! It's not our year anymore(RAT).Though i dont believe in feng shui, but we still hope and pray that we'll still be lucky this year of the Ox :) My last year that i'll be receiving lai see (red pocket w/money inside :)). Married people doesnt receive any lai see every chinese new year but instead they will be the one giving lai see to single people . that's their tradition. But of course since im not chinese will not follow their tradition.I just want to receive.ahahaha.

Till here.will be very very busy in the next few days. Starting tomorrow. hahaha Cant wait!!! :) See u later hunny babe. :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1 month to go!!!

Time flies so fast!! Only 30 days to go!Mabilis na lang to. Konting tulog nlng.Gosh, i cant believe it. I'll be soon Mrs. P. :) A year and 2 mos preparation is almost over. I never thought that it can be this fast. I remember i used to tell my friends na ang tagal tagal pa,but now, I cant believe this is happening now. :) alot of people are now asking us if we're excited. Definitely our answer would be YES because finally we'll be together :)A new chapter is about to reveal in our lives. A new "career" to me and arman :)

Btw,I would like to thank peope in advance for being part of our wedding preps. thanks for people who keep on asking us from time to time how's our wedding preps . You know, it really means alot to us.

and most especially to arman... Thanks babe for everything for being my source of everything. Thanks for doing preps while i'm not there. I'm super thankful to have you. I really really really thank God for bringing you to my life.

Ok, Obviously this is the Last monthly countdown to our Big Day. I'll will surely miss this countdwon. A once in a lifetime experience that we will treasure for the rest of our lives.

See you soon babe....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First post! and some updates :)

Hooray! My first post this year! :) Omg i cant believe this its only almost one month to go. I really can feel it…38 days to go to be exact. 2008 was really fast. We've been really busy this past few weeks. Daming inaayos, arman's paper ( alot of requirements that we need to submit to HK-immig), next to that is our work load. i super hate it,sumasabay pa.argh!Isang malaking sagabal sa wedding preps! hahaha and lastly our preparations to our Big day :)

Just sharing lang some of our accomplishments:

- Wohoo! our invitation is ready for distribution. and I so love our invitation :) Hopefully our guests will love it too... :)We are actually expecting it finished by end of jan but goodjob to our supplier, they delivered it really early. :) This is really is it na kc may katibayan na. haha
- Our Marriage Bans is done na din.After 3 Sundays of announcing it the public on our own parishes. ( New style of kung walang tutol or meron :)) Finally we got it at wlang tumutol. Hahaha we’ll be sending it to Caleruega within this week.
- Ento measurements is done na. Thanks to all for being so supportive. hehehe Fittings will be 1st week of feb. Hopefully I can see atleast one of the gowns paguwi ko.
- Invitation for my officemates are in the process na. we’ll be getting it by end of january. I'll be distributing to them the simple ones lang just to make it formal. Too bad my supervisor can't make it as she will be 5mos preggy next month.
- We've already finalized our liturgical entourage. Will post it later...
- Arman and Tita had their first fitting last Sunday :) Need some adjustments kay arman kc tumaba cya. hahahaha
- Our missalette is almost done na din.just finalizing the gospel.

And Lastly.....

- We have na our wedding rings!!! :) we bought it when arman was here. I'm so excited to wear it. thanks a lot hunny babe! :) I really really reall really really really love it. We really spend on this since this will be the symbol of our forever/undying love for each other. Hahaha

There you go, that's just some of our accomplishments. But still alot of things to do. I cant wait to be in mla in 2 weeks from now. I really had hard time booking my hk-mla-hk ticket bec of Chinese New Year ( Peak season ).I have to be in wait listed for both PAL and Cathay. But Lucky me, ate mitch found a seat for me now! :) oh,i cant wait.