Thursday, August 28, 2008

my 2nd fitting :)

Finally,This morning i had my 2nd fitting and as usual w/o arman :) Gabi pa lang naiicp ko na ang fitting ko. hahaha! Shet, i really love it!!! ( sabi nga din ni Queen. hehehe. ) I cant wait for my big day sobra.obvious ba? :) i can't explain how hapi i am. :) A lot of adjustments, *ahem,ahem*. hahaha! I should maintain it *crossed my fingers* at eto pa ang nakakatawa he gave me tape measure para imeasure ko everyday kung tumaba ako. hahaha! At first kala ko ngjjoke lang at aba ang lola mo bngyan tlga ako.

I super love cecilio sobrang maalaga. the best ever!!! I will have another fitting before i leave :) wohooooooo!!!! :) This is my last uwi for this year and Can't wait for my Last fitting next year. :) Can't wait to see my dream wedding gown. :)
Ayun, my entourage designer was also there, to give me samples of swatches that will be use in our entourage gowns,ganda ganda! and plus my coordinator was also there. Love them all! :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our pre-cana seminar and canonical interview.

Woke up around 3:30 am today Then left the house around 4:30am. We need to wake up that early because we are scheduled to have our pre cana seminar and canonical interview today and need to be there 7am in St. Francis Xavier Parish in Nasugbu Batangas. Required na dun kme magseminar kc dun ang main church ng Caleruega. When we passed by Tagaytay its really sooo foggy, as in ndi mo mkkta yung daan. It's 22 degrees. really love the weather there. Grbe super layo tlga, its more than 1hr pa from Tagaytay.Dulo ng Nasugbu Batangas. We got there around 6:45am.

We had our canonical interview around 8:30 am and we were interviewed by a Priest.
Priest: O, ur in the right age na naman para magpakasal, u should know what is right and wrong.
Priest: what made u decide na magpakasal sa simbahan?
Arman: Kasi mahal ko cya,caring, mabait cya, ginawa kme para sa isat isat and,para mablessed kme ni God.
Me: kc po alam ko na cya ang para skin, and gusto po naming ikasal sa harap ng Dyos and its included in the 7 sacred sacraments.
Tama! (sabay sabi ng priest), oh wag ka kiligin jan. haha!

Then next was Our pre cana seminar was conducted by a Nun. She told us Cana is the placed where Jesus performed His miracle, where God turned the water into wine. In our case the miracle for us is Jesus brought us here to become husband and wife. Grbe we’ve learned a lot like Marriage is not just “Till death do us part” but instead “Till life after death “. LOVE is not just 4 letters but instead there’s a lot of meaning behind it. Life, O-symbolizes the ring because love doesn’t have ending, V is values- we should learn to appreciate/compliment the values of each other. E is for Eternal. Actually im planning to jot down everything kso naaliw ako kay mother tlga. Nkktuwa cya magkwento, dami kme natutunan sa isa’t isa. Super cool nun! :) The seminar was really worth it, u’ll really learn a lot about each other and realize a lot of things. If given the chance and time, we will attend again, we wanted naman Discovery weekend.

After seminar, we decided to eat @ Antonio’s Grill in Tagaytay. Their kare-kare is the really the best.Kinda pricey but its worth it.

Sarap kumain plus the foggy weather. Lamig lamig. We just can’t believe were getting married in Tagaytay in 6months from now..yehey!!!

Ok, done with the most important things, ndi kme ikakasal without these. :) Good job to us! Tomorrow I’ll have my 2nd fitting…yahoo!Shet im sooooo excited.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

6 months to go!

Oh my….Officially 6 months to go nlng.. Yaaaay! Ang lapit at ang bilis nlng..

Just today,We had meeting with our coordinator, she’s really the best! I love her! And also with our entourage designer, I love him too, super funny and very down to earth. Syet, I’m so excited na to see their gowns. Calling entou members, magpapayat na kayo. hahaha! :) Joke lang gurls, alam ko sexy na kayo :)

Discussing with them, made us more excited. I’ll be very busy for the remaining days that I’ll be here in mla,we should make the most out of it :) need to do a lot of stuffs, meeting with suppliers, finalize with suppliers,pre-nups, church requirements ( docs, seminars ), my 2nd fitting, food tasting in Splendido,visit tagaytay, etc....too many to mention. Hahaha! Shocks, im so excited na!!!! We’ll have our canonical interview and pre cana seminar next week in Nasugbu, define out of town trip and busy sked! There’s no early planning talaga in wedding preps, the earlier the better :)

We can't wait for our Big day and finally to become ONE. and be Mrs. Pagilagan. :D

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thi is it...

OH MY GOSH. This is it. I'm super scared. Wish me luck and pray for me.
I know God will guide me during that moment.