Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Auspicious/Lucky Wedding Dates

For those who are planning to get married by 2009 & 2010 :)

01/03/2009 Saturday
01/09/2009 Friday
01/15/2009 Thursday
01/21/2009 Wednesday
01/25/2009 Sunday
01/28/2009 Wednesday
02/06/2009 Friday
02/15/2009 Sunday
02/18/2009 Wednesday
02/21/2009 Saturday
02/27/2009 Friday
03/02/2009 Monday
03/16/2009 Monday
03/18/2009 Wednesday
04/06/2009 Monday
04/09/2009 Thursday
04/22/2009 Wednesday
05/08/2009 Friday
05/16/2009 Saturday
05/20/2009 Wednesday
06/14/2009 Sunday
06/19/2009 Friday
06/25/2009 Thursday
06/26/2009 Friday
07/08/2009 Wednesday
07/20/2009 Monday
07/26/2009 Sunday
08/01/2009 Saturday
08/02/2009 Sunday
08/08/2009 Saturday
08/11/2009 Tuesday
08/14/2009 Friday
09/09/2009 Wednesday
09/20/2009 Sunday
09/21/2009 Monday
09/30/2009 Wednesday
10/02/2009 Friday
10/12/2009 Monday
10/25/2009 Sunday
10/28/2009 Wednesday
11/15/2009 Sunday
11/19/2009 Thursday
11/21/2009 Saturday
12/25/2009 Friday
12/26/2009 Saturday
12/28/2009 Monday
12/29/2009 Tuesday

01/10/2010 Sunday
01/16/2010 Saturday
01/20/2010 Wednesday
01/22/2010 Friday
01/28/2010 Thursday
02/01/2010 Monday
02/10/2010 Wednesday
02/13/2010 Saturday
02/16/2010 Tuesday
02/25/2010 Thursday
02/26/2010 Friday
03/23/2010 Tuesday
03/25/2010 Thursday
04/04/2010 Sunday
04/13/2010 Tuesday
04/17/2010 Saturday
04/25/2010 Sunday
05/02/2010 Sunday
05/11/2010 Tuesday
05/15/2010 Saturday
05/26/2010 Wednesday
05/27/2010 Thursday
06/04/2010 Friday
06/08/2010 Tuesday
06/09/2010 Wednesday
06/14/2010 Monday
07/03/2010 Saturday
07/15/2010 Thursday
07/16/2010 Friday
07/21/2010 Wednesday
07/25/2010 Sunday
07/27/2010 Tuesday
08/02/2010 Monday
08/09/2010 Monday
08/21/2010 Saturday
09/02/2010 Thursday
09/12/2010 Sunday
09/13/2010 Monday
09/15/2010 Wednesday
09/25/2010 Saturday
09/27/2010 Monday
10/07/2010 Thursday
10/10/2010 Sunday
10/11/2010 Monday
10/20/2010 Wednesday
10/23/2010 Saturday
11/16/2010 Tuesday
11/26/2010 Friday
12/08/2010 Wednesday
12/09/2010 Thursday
12/11/2010 Saturday
12/17/2010 Friday
12/23/2010 Thursday
12/24/2010 Friday

For Chinese and Indian people they really need to select a good wedding date. But for Non-chinese, nice to wed lang naman on those dates. and we're happy to see our wedding date is included (",) yey! :D

So girls what are you waiting for? Grab ur wedding dates now! hehehe

Monday, November 24, 2008

3 months to go!

21 Nov 2008

3mos to go and finally we'll start a new life together. A new chapter in our lives.new beginning.new challenges.new adventure. I know that will be just the beginning of our roller coaster ride but one thing is for sure we're holding each other hands throughout the ride...

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Super Sad...hay :'(

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Updating :)

Been really busy these past few days,me and arman really going a lot and eating a lot, hahaha i can’t help it Anyway…

Our accomplishments:

  • Finalized our Liturgical Entourage,will post it later :) 
  • Got our First Draft Invitation,submited last night for some revisions. 
  • Finalizing our Song list 
  • Bought some wedding stuffs from US ( thanks pa & ma) can’t wait to get it tomorrow.
  • Went to several stationary shops here in hk.Its really nice to have arman here. my life is really really easy and no worries at all.My source of everything 
  • Coordinating with Ms. queen for entourage measurement, but still waiting for Jun’s ( entourage designer ) schedule since he’s in Italy right now.he’ll be back pa on Nov 17. 
  • Booked our Wedding preps venue, will pay reservation fee once arman come back to phils next week 
  • Got our papal blessing from Vatican 
  • Got my New Copy of Confirmation certtificate, thanks eryne for picking it up for me in Tsuen Wan, i know how hassle it for u. Sobrang touched ako. hehe Love u mare! :) 
  • Starting our DIY projects. Hopefully it will be succesful 

Only few months left and we still need to do a lot,being overseas bride is really the most challenging part in wedding preparation.But I believe na kaya namin to. Hahaha.

Can’t wait for my parents tomorrow, I really miss them bigtime. Mama bought some wedding stuffs from US, and I cant wait to get it. They really really had fun,they stayed in Philadelphia.They even went to Canada and 2 days in San Francisco.They want to visit there again really soon. Hahaha but this time with us na daw. Mama keep telling me na dapat makapunta din kame dun. Yey! Can’t wait :)

Sunduin ni arman sila bukas And sabi ko kay arman lagot ka nanaman kay mama, papakainin ka nnaman ng madami nun. Hahaha

Sad part, Arman is coming back na next week, im starting my countdown already, only few nights left. Don’t want to think of it,coz I hate that feeling. I know how sad it feels, i can imagine it. Want to end that feeling.We really can’t wait for next year. Malapit lapit na…….haayy...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Happy 47th month! :)

Yey, we're celebrating our monthsary together. 4th to the last monthsary before we tie the knot :) and 1 month to go 4 years na kme.. yipeee! :) we were supposed to have dinner date today but then arman requested me to cook special dinner for us.hehe shrimp curry,his favorite and home made corn soup ( my first time to cook this,ginaya ko lang sa mama ko.hehehe ) hopefully he will like it and maging succesful :)

Thanks baby for everything for taking care of me, loving the real me. thanks alot for the patience especially wen im having my brat attack. ehehehe :) I know next week mgkkhwalay nnmn tyo pero i know onting tiis nlng mgkkasama din tyo.

Ocya, till here cook mode na :) sana magustuhan :) happy monthsary baby boo! mwah!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Happy Days :D

Yeah, im having my happy days again and I super love the feeeling :) Arman arrived here last fri for a short vacation. i picked him up at the airport around 930 pm, he took the last flight kc may pasok pa,then ate dinner at Burger King( one of the reasons why i love going to the airport. hehe ) Got home past 12 mn. and to my surprise, he'll be staying here for 2 weeks ^o^b Thanks babe! :) Goodjob! kc we have lotsa things to do pa. :)

Actually before pa he always ask me if im excited na, pero lagi ko sinasabi na pinpigil ko sa fri nlng. hahaha kc i know pag nexcite ako mahihirapan ako,maiinip,mgbbilang ng oras at mahihirapan matulog. hahahaha pero deep down inside im uberly super excited. then come friday ayan na nga woke up so early, and guess wat nahirapan na nga bumalik ng tulog. almost successful. hahaha i cant help myself anymore... Finally he's here. :) yesterday i kept complaining na may may pasok nanaman, pero sabi nya dat doesnt matter coz at the end of the day, mgkkasama kme :) sna bumagal ang oras pag magkasama kame.....please.... :)