Monday, September 29, 2008

Home Alone....

My parents are going to USA this end of oct for a short vacation. They have their plane ticket already. They will be celebrating Trick or Treat there,one of the happiest event in US.. Waahhh. I so envy them but so happy for them atleast they will have their sweet escape :) And enjoy their life while they are still young. :) I'm really happy and excited for them.

Actually before the plan was kasama nla ako but then since im getting married hahaha iwan nko. wawa ako. They will be there for 2 weeks lng. meaning ill be home alone during those days but ofcourse not totally home alone because our helper is still here.hehehe but still,it feels so different na wla cla . .. syet! I will miss them bigtime!

Actually when my parents told me that its confirmed about their vacation, I was like freaking. haha! they know na yoko magisa d2 sa hk. haha! But then I was surprised and happy at the same time, when my parents told me na " Sa oct mo nlng papuntahin c arman dito para may kasama ka " I was like nabawi lahat ng worries ko. hahaha. at cympre pumayag na agad ako. haha! And so, just today I got super good news from arman,his vacation leave was approved. He submitted it last week pa. Kinkabahan pa kme bka ndi iapproved kc super busy c arman sa offce, but Thank God,its approved! ang saya saya! He'll be here lang for 1 week. :( so meaning ill be still home alone for another 1 week... oh my! hayy.. that's life. atleast I get to be with my hunny babes again :D

Can't wait for the end of Oct <3 <3 <3

Sunday, September 21, 2008

An update from my groom.5 months to go! :)

Since this is just once in a lifetime event in our lives,so this month i gave him a chance to do our update :)

" Today marks the fifth month count down until our big day. I feel very much excited but equally tensed and anxious.

Why anxious and tensed? Exactly one hundred and fifty two days, everything should be set and perfect. Though it’s good to feel that all our major suppliers are already booked and almost set, in terms of the small details we barely scratch the surface.

We need to make our imagination work and produce the best ideas we wanted for our wedding. But of course, I know we can do this. We just need a little bit more time working on these things, helping each other, and giving our hearts out to make it perfect.

Oh Yes, I’m so excited too! Because it’s almost here, the most awaited day of our lives. This would be the day when we open a new album in our lives. Everything will be different. It’s like starting from scratch. This is a new opportunity to start things. I’m excited for the new work, for the new environment, for the new lifestyle, and of course to be with my wife forever. "

Friday, September 19, 2008

Paging All Our Entourage Members

Please be advised that you will have your measurements taken on Nov. So you will still have time to go on diet ( if ure planning lang naman )and please don't take too much food during holiday season at para magkasya pa din ang gowns. sori nmn demanding hahaha at cympre para pretty ever tyong lahat. Since i can't assist u during measurements and fittings, My coordinator will be the one who will contact u and assist u during those dates. Bawal ang pasaway! hahahaha. We'll let u know once we have finalized the date.

For my overseas kumares ( eryne & joyce ), we will have measurements here in hk :)

Thanks alot for ur cooperation :) And most of all thanks for being part of our entourage :) I'm sooo excited to see you guys on our wedding day.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm Back :(

Yesterday was my Birthday,I celebrated my bday on the plane with people I don't know. After a month in the phils, i'm back to my REAL WORLD. I just can't believe im back now in Hk and doing my office work again. But on the other side I'm excited to see my parents, i really super miss them a lot.I'm really happy to see them waiting for me at the airport.

My hunny boo gave me a bag as a bday gift and a musical greeting card with heartmelting letter inside it. He told me to read it on the plane, and it made me cry again once again.Actually i didnt expect him to give me a gift on my bday because I know he doesn't have time to buy coz we're always together and super busy with office work. He kept telling me sorry because of his simple gift, but I told him na wala skin yun,even the simpliest things from him can make me super happy. kht wlang gift ok lang bsta what is important is his UNDYING LOVE for me ( hehehe dats wat he wrote in his letter ).

I miss our "secured hugs" ( that's wat we call our most comfortable hugs ), our kulitan at tampuhan moments... I miss everything about him. It's really hard for us,kht na sabihin na ilang beses na nangyri samin to..mhrap pa din sobra. Thanks hun for always taking really good care of me. I'm so lucky to have u in my life and as a future husband. I love you so much and i miss u badly :'(

... Sana mag next year na...