Sunday, June 22, 2008

8th months to go! :)

Wahttt?!! ang bilis 8months nlng then I'm Mrs. Pagilagan na! hahaha. Super excited na and at the same time panic mode. So many things to do. Kaya yan! Tira Tira! hahaha.

Anyways, I'm sooooo happy because we have just finalized our motif. final na tlga to :D Love it! And plus our Entourage list! yehey! I'll post it really really soon :)

Can't wait for our Big Day!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Sporty Sunday :)

Last sunday, we really had a Fun sporty day. Papa booked Table tennis at Tai Wo Sports Centre. This is wat we usually do every weekends.But since arman is here its more special. hehehe We woke up so early then we had our big breakfast at McDo.

Then after that we went straight to Tai Po swimming pool, the weather is so nice no sun at all, so it made me decide to go swimming. I love the pool kc may slide. Too bad walang pic kc bawal. ang corny! hehehe

And in the afternoon, me and arman played basketball and badminton just here in our place.
Whew! wat a tiring day but its all worth it. :)

Movie time!

Grabe matagal tagal din ako ndi kme npanood ng movie...I miss movie time in glorietta wid frends and arman jay then after movie straight to time zone kc may free na load Php20.hayy i miss those days tlga... plus the popcorn in taters...

So last sat, me and arman watched Sex and the City. I thought the movie was more on wedding kaya medyo nexcite ako... at sabi din ni gen. hahaha. ndi pala but more on marriage and friendship. But indeed, it was a great movie... A must see movie! :)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

42nd Month!

Happy 42nd monthsary to us! :)

After a long time, we just celebrated our monthsary together! :) We just decided to have simple dinner because we've been really eating a lot for these past few days. So happy and inlove! :)Thanks for everything baby boo... hehehehe. Love you! mwah! i'll just post the pics later... =)