Monday, April 27, 2009

They turned 1 :)

Can't believe my two inaanak just turned 1. Ang bilis parang kelan lang...

Aries James turned 1 last Apr 13 and celebrated his 1st bday in phils :) Super cute son of my BFF joyce and aldous :)He also had his 2nd baptismal and was held at Christ the king Church. The party was also held at Christ the king Function Room. Too bad me and arman wasnt there to celebrate with him. But we gave him cupcakes for their souvenir. The cupcake was made by our cake supplier. and again, everyone loved it :)

ke tower sponsored by ninang she & ninong arman :)

Aries James Balingcos

Shawn Gabriel will be turning 1 this wed. Super cute Son of my mom's offcemate :) He celebrated his bday last saturday at Outback. and it was my first time to eat there :) Love the food. hehe. Super cute ng mga kids sa party :)

Shawn Gabriel

i am soooo proud to be their ninang :) they are supe cuter and bibo :) we will always be here for u. we love u :) and i cant believe that i have already 10 godchildren. haha am i really getting old??:P


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bride forever....

Gosh, its already 2 months after our wedding. . I miss everything about our wedding and our preps.Being an overseas bride is very challenging and exciting. You have to deal with the suppliers thru email,long distance calls and sms. checking mails every single moment made my day really exciting.

We are so happy we were able to pull off that kind of wedding, a beautiful wedding indeed,all of our family,relatives,close friends were there to celebrate with usand witness our unity as we become husband and wife... We are super happy to get compliments from other people about our wedding. Some people might think that spending too much on wedding is very impractical. They could be right. But nothing beats,the feeling, memories and being married to the one you love in the eyes of God. Up to this day, i still watch our onsite and get goosebumps and get teary eyed and also whenever i listen our wedding song. you may think that im such an OA hahaha. but u will know the feeling once u get here... Eversince i was a kid,i really dream of having this kind of wedding, i guess all girls are like that. I have already envisioned what kind of wedding i really wanted. I still visit wedding blogs,wedding sites once in a while and sometimes made me thinks that i want to get married every year. hahaha eto ang OA :P I guess i'll not get over this soon :)

Short kwento: When arman was here last month, i was super touched when he told me " Hun nasan yung mga videos ng wedding natin,panoorin natin sa TV." So nung pnlay ko na. while watching arman was really holding my hand really tight and kiss me on my cheek" I can really feel how much he love me. i must say one of the sweetest thing he did to me....

the runaway bride and groom :)

Happy 2nd month baby! :) i love you and will always do... forever and ever...


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Star Cruise Experience @ Star Aquarius

Me and my hubby really wanted to try star cruise. and finally we did it last month for 2D/1N , it was just a short trip but really worth it . The experience was really great. how can i forget the "alon" in the middle of the night hahaha. But arman told me to keep calm and sabi nya " di ba pag nandito ako sa tabi mo lahat ng takot mo nawawala? so dapat hindi ka matakot kasi kasama mo ako." i was like awww. oonga noh...
It wasnt my first time to go on a cruise but my first time to go during winter time...and its very different from summer.. This time i didnt had the chance to go swimming kasi its very very cold outside.sayang...

Another great experience we had was we were able to watch top less show, we didnt know that it was topless. we just thought na sa title lang ngshow yun. but we were surprise to see them really topless. the show was like ala Las Vegas style :)And jamming with the band is really fun.haha one whole song tlga :) Ayaw ko tlga pero naisp ko nlng hindi ko sila kilala so why not.hehehe I actually told them i dont know how to sing but then sabi nila " i dont believe. filipinos are good in singing" cympre proud to be pinoy, So go lang. haha most of the crew are kababayans :)

Things to do:

- Casino
- Swimming
- Outdoor Activites ( basketball, volleyball )
- Karaoke
- Spa/Sauna
- Shows
- Movie House
- Gym
- Listen to live band
- Eat and eat... from dinner to breakfast buffet lahat :)
- Photoshoot :)

The famous view of HK

Our Cabin

The Ship - Star Aquarius

Jamming with the band :)

Mr & Mrs. Pagilagan :)

cant wait for our next trip...


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Moving out...

Not to a new place,new room lang coz my room now is good for 1 person lang :P for the meantime we will be living with my parents since my 2 bros are still in the phils. so my parents told us to live with them muna.. :)

Last sunday, i was planning to buy a new wardrobe since my wardrobe is good for me lang but when i texted arman about it he told me to wait for him instead. ano ba yan.kelangan tlaga makita nya muna hahaha.We're really excited to buy our new things.even if its just a small room we really wanted to decorate it :) so since yesterday was a holiday, i grabbed the chance to start to transfer all my things to our new room. i need to sort out alot of my stuffs.all my abubots and all my magazines. Arman is so organize.he's the one organizing,cleaning my things everytime he's here. hehehe. I'm really really learning how to be organize.hahaha ganyan ata talaga pag may asawa na,natututo sa lahat ng bagay :)

source of the pic:

gosh.cant wait.


Monday, April 13, 2009

The Dance...

Who would ever thought that we will end up together? i guess no one,but only God knows... so thats why i am sooo thankful to God for giving arman to my life. Galing ni God tlaga! :)

He was just once a stranger,a classmate, just one of my boy friends in the group,a chatmate ( yeah we do chat before during school vacation ) and now my husband...

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

Ika nga ni gaze: kaya napasayaw ng maaga.

Our first dance: Arman was part of my 18th Roses. He was my 12th rose. and guess what baliktadin yung no. its 21, and we got married on 21st. :D meant to be tlga. hehehe

Our Last Dance: Though he wasnt my first dance but im a super happy that he was my last dance...The one who i will dance forever with :)


Saturday, April 11, 2009

B&W Moments...

Some black and white moments taken by our Back-up photog but full of meanings :)

My moment.The best feeling ever.My bridal march with matching my fave song " I will Be here".While walking down the aisle, nung palapit na palapit kay arman,naiyak ako kasi our long wait is over and finally magkkasama na kame. I can't believe tlga.We'll finally become ONE. Cant express my happiness :D

My dad giving his only prinsesa to his prince charming :)

My dear Lolo. Actually,he doesnt know what was happening.He's already 92 years old.He's suffering from alzeihmers disease..but still i am so happy because he was there during my big day.

My girls....joyce and eryne were not here,they thought no pictorials na.Sayang.This was taken using IR by Smartshot :)