Monday, March 19, 2007

Missing Them...

Well hay grbe miss ko na parents ko. They left last wednesday for 11 days vacation in the Philippines to visit my bros and my grandparents..I’m missing them so much. Grbe its really different tlga to live without your parents. So panu ako magaasawa nito? Hahaha. Wla akong kakulitan sa bahay for 11 days. Tahimik ang bahay . Wlang asaran. My mom always teases me. Were like bestfriends.I can really share anything to her even my love life. And my Dad cympre Little princess pa rin nya ko.hehe. Onting may sakit lang skit super worried na un esp. nung operation ko. As in ndi cya mksmile. Laging tahimik. Pero sabi ng mga tita ko nung lumabas ung doctor ko sa Operating room and telling how successful was the operation. Super saya nya as in. Bglang nagbago ang lahat. Oh well, Unica Hija eh. Hehe. Anyways, they will be back this friday. yippeee! sana mdaming pasalubong hehehe.

I had my class last Saturday. We had this kind of activity like The kids should make a circle then they should follow for whatever I have to say, etc... It's very tiring but I really had a lot of fun. I bought some Hello kitty, Disney, Cars stickers and Hello kitty candies for girls and for boys Snoopy’s marshmallow. And also I asked them to sing one by one infront. Ang cutie nla promise. I asked them to sing any nursery rhyme songs. share ko lang ung pics ko with them.. wla akong pics ng second class ko eh panu ba naman ngmmadali na umuwi. hehe anyways here are the pics.

Me with my fave student. hehe. The kid at the back I didn't know that he was looking. hehehe!

This is my first class. There are 12 cla lahat actually pero cla lang nakunan ko. ang cute nila db..

Again, one of my fave student from Class B.

Oh well till here!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Something to Share

Well, im back! I have not been blogging for months already. A lot of things happened to me. I had an operation last sept. which turned out to be successful. And I’m still complete hehe. (well some of you know what I mean.) I really thank God for listening to all our prayers. God is really good all the time. Im very thankful kc lahat ng family ko, relatives ko,friends and c arman na nandun nung mga times na nwawalan ako ng pagasa. Thank God tlga. What a very nice present he has given me on my birthday. I’m very thankful kasi ang daming blessings na binibigay sakin ni God.

Just want to share something, after na matagal kong paghihintay as in sobra. eh may tumwag na din sakin na Part time English Teacher. I have been applying to this kind of part time position for really very long time kc alam ko na mageenjoy tlga ako sa gantong klase part time position. I’m not expecting anything actually coz I know nman na ndi ako graduate ng education. Eh since I really love kids tlgang ngtry ako ng try magapply for that position. Anyways, ayun nga They called me last week for an interview. Then ayun tmwag ulit cla ( hehe yipeee. ). They asked me to go to their office to get the teaching materials on Thursday meaning tangap nko!!!
Then Thursday after work I went to their office. She discussed the things I need to teach the kids. The kids are from 4-5 yrs old. I have two English classes to teach every Saturdays. Half day lang kaya sobrang ok tlga and sobrang ok yung pay, worth it talaga lahat. When I arrived home tlagang binasa ko tlga ung mga bingay skin. And of course I need to prepare lesson plan. Ndi naman mhrap kc pre school lang yun tuturuan.
Then Friday, lunch break I went to the bookstore to buy some flashcards, colors, pentel colors,etc. Sobrang saya ko tlga habang namimili sa children section. Then I bought some candies for them. Prize ba pag nakasagot cla hehe.

Finally, Saturday na. I arrived at school 20 mins before my class. I just stayed at the classroom. While waiting for them I kept calling my friends telling how nervous I am kc first time ko tong gantong situation eh. Then there I saw them lining up downstairs. Ayun nung nkita ko cla paakyat ntuwa ako sobra kc ang cute nila as in. At first super quiet nla cympre nagulat cla. Then I askd them to seatdown and I introduce myself. Then they call me Ms. She. Enjoy tlga ako kht na makulit cla. Napapatahimik ko naman cla eh. Ginamit ko lhat ng powers ko hehe. Nkakatuwa tlga cla. May isa akong girl student na super charming tlga. Kinausap nya ko lagi..hehe .Ayun ntpos na ung 2 classes ko. And I’m really looking forward for my class this coming saturday. Tomorrow ill start preparing again for my Saturday class. I need to review them the things that I have taught last Saturday. I'm really having a lot of fun with the kids.

Education is really one of the most important thing here in hong kong. kaya asenso ang hong kong eh.This is really a good experience to me kc kht san nmn ako mgpunta may mga bata eh.

Till here then, haba na ng entry ko. And ngyn lang ako ginanahan mag post kc ngyn lang may bago.hehe Baboosh!