Thursday, August 21, 2008

6 months to go!

Oh my….Officially 6 months to go nlng.. Yaaaay! Ang lapit at ang bilis nlng..

Just today,We had meeting with our coordinator, she’s really the best! I love her! And also with our entourage designer, I love him too, super funny and very down to earth. Syet, I’m so excited na to see their gowns. Calling entou members, magpapayat na kayo. hahaha! :) Joke lang gurls, alam ko sexy na kayo :)

Discussing with them, made us more excited. I’ll be very busy for the remaining days that I’ll be here in mla,we should make the most out of it :) need to do a lot of stuffs, meeting with suppliers, finalize with suppliers,pre-nups, church requirements ( docs, seminars ), my 2nd fitting, food tasting in Splendido,visit tagaytay, etc....too many to mention. Hahaha! Shocks, im so excited na!!!! We’ll have our canonical interview and pre cana seminar next week in Nasugbu, define out of town trip and busy sked! There’s no early planning talaga in wedding preps, the earlier the better :)

We can't wait for our Big day and finally to become ONE. and be Mrs. Pagilagan. :D


gaze said...


tingin ako ng gown ko.. send mo sakin go! now na.. can't wait na rin shet.


she said...

haha. ang taray ng gown mo promise. :) can't wait too. :)

aiza said...

Mrs. Pagilagan!!!!!

waaaaaaaaah! astig!