Thursday, December 04, 2008

Happy 4th anniv! :)

First of all, Happy happy happy 4th year to us! This will be last anniversary as gf/bf .yiheee! Just wana say thanks alot for unconditional love,care u've given me. thanks for always taking care of me, giving me everything and most of all for making our dreams come . Words are not enough how thankful and lucky i am to have you. And also sorry for all the wrong things ive done for the past year. Thanks baby for everything. You know how much i love you...

And then Again, i made it again! hahaha success! :) surprise babe! :D This time, my kasabwat was our cake supplier ms joy :) She's really the best! We just communicated through email. i changed my email account for security purpose. hehehe and last minute i even requested ms joy to write simple msg in the cake,nilakasan ko na ang loob ko ksi nahhya ako :P Supposed to be they will deliver the cake in the afternoon pa but she texted me this morning asking me if they can deliver it nlng early in the morning. ofcourse i said yes, hehe super excited nko eh. arman was so surprised nung narinig nya sa pinpage yung name nya. may delivery daw. Twag agad c arman skin. hehe he cant explained daw the feeling,super happy and really surprised. he said its really unexpected :) Arman shared the cake with his officemates and Everyone loved it at nagtake home pa yung iba :) Here's the cake. he took a pic of it :D

side kwento: We met ms joy last aug. She's really really nice. When we met her i knew that she's the one. :) We had our cake tasting in her house at Corinthians. During our cake tasting, arman really really like her kileaua "chocolate cake with filling inside "( one of her best seller ) sa super sarap he cant forget it tlga. hahaha. Cant wait to see our wedding cake but ofcourse its not kileaua. one of the "must-try" in our wedding. im so excited! :)

Happy happy happy 4th year to us! mwahhugs! love u and can't wait for our big day! God Bless us always.


madam said...

awww. nice. sweet. lovely!

she said...

hehe thanks madam! :*