Monday, July 21, 2008

7 months to go!

It's time for my Monthly Wedding Update! :)

I'm just so happy because we've accomplished a lot with our wedding preps for the past month :)

Can't wait na for my 2nd gown fitting...super excited na tlga! :) and also we've already finalized the entourage gowns, we're just waiting for the sketches from my entourage designer :)

Yiheeee! ang bilis nlng mgkakasama na kame. My hubby-to-be will be attending the Bridal fair. hahaha with his officemates( hahaha,nice one babe! ) . I really love him being a hands on groom kht super busy sa work, he still manages to do wedding preps :) Npaka OC tlga. hehehe. He's super duper excited tlga,nkktuwa tlga everytime na ssbhn nya yun sakin. Thanks babe, You're My source of everything... Can't wait to be with you too.....

Soon i'll miss these updates... :)

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